Thursday 7 November 2019

Internet Explorer does not show content of Modal Dialog

In my current assignment I develop using either Firefox or Chrome. But the organization also uses Internet Explorer 11. 

So this morning one of the testers calls me and shows an empty Modal Dialog in Internet Explorer. When using Firefox or Chrome the Modal Dialog shows the expected content. So where is the difference. 

So I reproduce the situation in the Development environment and there the same behavior shows when using Internet Explorer: an empty modal dialog. After opening the Developer Tools the cause shows in the console window: a Javascript error. 

Invalid character

The error points to the JS code below:

$( `[headers="${id}"] input[type="checkbox"]`).each(function() {
    if ( $(this).prop('checked') != checked_status ) {

In the above code snippet a template string is used enclosed with the backtick character (`). You can find more information on this technique on And at the end of the page there is a compatibility table, in which it is clear that Internet Explorer does not support this feature. 

It is clear that this feature is not supported by IE :-(. 

After a change of the code to: 

$( '[headers="'+id+ '"] input[type="checkbox"]').each(function() {

the modal window showed its content again in IE. 

So when coding for IE be sure not to use too modern JavaScript. Or use a tool like Babel that supplies backward compatibility. 


But still, it is quite tricky that a JavaScript error on startup prevents the whole APEX page to be displayed. 

Happy APEXing

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Sasha Gomanuke said...

Thank You very much for Your investigation! It seems one more thing to be "legacy" from viewpoint of future-developing team of APEX.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ))