Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Plug-in for copying to clipboard

It is a hobby of mine to generate code. I use Apex as a shell to enter the parameters and display the result. Usually the result is a text area in which the code is contained. After generating the text I can select the code and copy the result to the clipboard. But I want it to be a bit more comfortable.

So this is why I developed this plug-in. It is a dynamic action plug-in that you can use in any DA, but usually it will be a DA fired from a button. It is used in the page to generate substitution code:

Implementing this functionality is as easy as importing the plug-in and call it in the dynamic action behind the click on the button. Select the item of which the content should be copied and you are off to go:

You can see this plug-in in action on the demo page for this plug-in.

You can find the plug-in on apex.world.

Happy Apexing!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is not copying an item that is display only or hidden. I was hopeful on hidden as your page indicates. Any hints/tips?

Dick Dral said...

You are right, the previous version of the plug-in did not support Apex hidden items.
There is a new version of the plug-in avalianble on apex.world.
This version support Apex hidden items and JQuery selectors.


Graham MacLeod said...

Thanks for this. Light weight, easy to use, and does what it says on the tin.