Friday, 29 April 2016

Apex World Dashboard

For the Apex Dashboard Competition I created an World Dashboard. It is based on the demographical and geographical data on all countries of the world. It was a lot of fun to build it and also fun to use it.

You can take a look at it using the URL shown below.

Using it you will discover amazing facts. The dashboard contains data on population, land use, energy use, health and transportation. You can find for example which are the countries with the most doctors or the highest percentage forest. Let yourself be surprised – at least I was. You can also see how your country compares to others in the areas afore mentioned.

In following post I will discuss some of the features I have built in like the Oracle JET Sunburst Chart or the comparison table.

Have fun!

BTW The application is available on Github if you want to examine the source code:

If you want to run the application you have to install the sample data for the competition. You can find that here.


Anonymous said...

Are u going to post the source code. some we could see under the hood?

Dick Dral said...

Hi anonymous,

The source code is available on github:

Have fun,

Dick Dral

Koloo said...

Hey Dick,
i did download the zip file and installed awd_application.sql but its giving all sorts of error missing objects.
Where are the tables and other back-end objects please?

thanks in advance...Gor Mahia.

Dick Dral said...

Dear Gor,

You are right, you need the sample data for the Apex Dashboard competition.
I updated the post to include a link to the data. Download the file and run it to create the tables and fill them with data.

Dick Dral

Unknown said...
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Thomas Venney said...

Glad to know this information.

aliyaa said...

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Levon said...

Your map does not seem to work.
I have flash enabled.


siavash said...

please put the source table . i can`t find in zip file .