Thursday, 19 November 2015

Change those icons in your Navigation Menu!

Just returned from the DOAG 2015 conference. I really had a good time meeting old friends, making new ones and seeing a lot of impressive and new things on Apex and Oracle.
One thing annoyed me however, and that were the icons in the Apex 5 Navigation Menu. Most of the applications had a menu looking like this, all options using the Folder icon:

While it is so easy to let the menu look like this:

By the way, does anyone know a more suitable fa icon for JSON?

In the Apex builder just navigate to Shared Components > Navigation Menu and select one of the options:

And choose a nice, explanatory icon for Image/Class. The Apex team even provided a list of values with the categorized font Awesome icons. Repeat this for all your menu entries, and you will have a much nicer menu at very little effort.

For the rest keep up the good work ;-).

Happy Apexing

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