Thursday, 15 September 2016

Using nice icons for links

As many people I am used to use the link images that Apex proposes when creating Forms with reports. And I end up with a bit grey images like:

Well, we are all used to it, aren't we?
Now would not it be much nicer if it would look like this:

This fits much better into the Universal Theme.

It is possible and in fact very easy. If you look at the properties of the link column in the report you see:

You just change the Link Text to   and define the class report-icon:

.report-icon { font-size: 1.6em; }

And you are done.
NB You can by the way use any font-awesome icon you want by changing the fa-xxx class. 

And if you want to use these icons in all your reports, you can define them once as a subsitution variable in the application properties:

 ... and use them in all your reports:

Happy Apexing


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  2. You can use the class report-icon :

    .report-icon { color: #505f6d }

    This is the color of the header.

  3. Yes thanks, the moment i pressed submit to post the question this came to my mind :/